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Home Field Advantage: A Conversation with Steve Trevelise on Sports, Radio, and Staying Connected

Like In this episode, I welcome Steve Trevelise from 94.1 WIP and New Jersey 101.5 for a deep dive into the unique world of sports talk radio and its ability to connect people with the essence of home, regardless of their location. Whether you’re serving overseas, stationed in distant lands, or a first responder working […]

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Ron Millward of Balanced Veterans

Like Ron Millward is a 7.5 year Air Force veteran.  In this episode Ron discusses his handling of his own traumatic experiences, being placed on a cocktail of prescription drugs, a suicide attempt, and eventually a breakthrough using cannabis which lead him to path of emotional healing and an exploration with other mind-body therapies. https://www.instagram.com/ronmillward/

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Dr. Aimee Dordevic / Monash University

Like Dr Aimee Dordevic is a Registered Nutritionist with both the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Association for Nutrition (UK). She works in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University as a Nutrition Science Lecturer and Researcher. Aimee’s PhD titled the ‘Investigation of the

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Ranjana Pomar Part 2

Like In this episode, Ranjana and I pick up our conversation about tantra after a short break, and turn the focus to recovering from sexual trauma.  Ranjana shares how she would assist someone through a progression of being a victim, to recovery, to becoming empowered and taking back control of their life again.  Recognizing the

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Jesse Gould

Like In this episode of the Wellness for Vets Podcast, Jesse Gould, former Army Ranger and founder & president of @heroicheartsproject joins me to discuss the use of psychedelics and ayahuasca for treating post traumatic stress. Heroic Hearts Project offers a proprietary program to veterans who are interested in pursuing psychedelic treatment options. They primarily

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Jesse Jordan

Like In response to listeners wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship after, or during the military for that matter, my Marine Corps buddy Jesse Jordan joins me to talk about how he got started in coffee and has launched a successful in person and online coffee business.   In this episode Jesse shares with us

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Mike Bruns

Like Mike Bruns is an Army veteran and a Trauma Focused Therapist specializing in Amazonian Plant Medicine Therapies, Moral Injury, Combat Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Opioid-Addictions Detoxification, Traumatic Brain Injury, Master Past Life Therapist, Mike has done extensive work with veterans suffering from addiction, PTSD, and TBI.  You can read more about his work on his

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