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Ranjana Pomar – Tantra Shamanic Essence Part 1

Ranjana works as a psychotherapist, and Tantra counselor and facilitator in self-development for individuals and groups. From an early age, she felt a longing to experience life in all its dimensions, where everything is included as ONE, instead of split off from experience. In 1988, she learned about Osho’s Active Meditations and began practicing them. Meditation transformed her life, bringing in greater sensitivity, expansion and love. At this time, Ranjana also began neo-shamanism training in the Andes Mountains where she experienced a deep connection with nature. Ranjana has also been living The Tantra Path since 2010, in which she has found unity and sacredness.

After experiencing these paths for more than 25 years, she has brought together Asian traditions, Tantra, meditation and the indigenous cosmos-vision where life, love, death, and cycles of nature are living as one into the Great Spirit. Ranjana’s workshops aim to integrate them into the way we live our daily lives, even in urban environments.

In this episode Ranjana talks growing up in the Andes, shamanism (or as she likes to call herself, the medicine woman), and the use of tantric practices to heal relationships that have been shaken due to the demands of life in the military or as a civil servant, and using her blend of tantric practices, meditation, and other aspects of spiritual journeys to heal and recover from sexual trauma.

When the episode opens up, around the 7:40 mark Ranjana treats us to some songs accompanied by drums to honor the male and female polarities or more commonly known as energies.

At the 10:20 mark through 21:30 we spend some time discussing her journey to becoming a medicine woman and how that path led her to Tantra. 

From 21:30 there we get into the Tantra talk.  In this segment we discussed the demands of military life and life of a civil servant and the stress those jobs can have on a relationship, and how Tantric Mediatiation and workshops like the ones Ranja leads can help couples come back to a place of love, trust, and comfort.

Around the 1:06:00 mark we discuss how people who have may have become paralyzed or and amputee can still experience the feelings of physical love without actually being physical.

We close out this first of a two part episode discussing Ranjana’s workshops, particularly the Sweat Lodge. 



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