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Patrick O’Donnell

Like In this second part of a two part D-Day special, author and combat historian Patrick O’Donnell joins me to discuss specific events of WWII and the D-Day landing.  Patrick’s book catalog is the result of years of making friends with former operatives of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS – predecessor to the Central […]

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Paul “Barney” Barnes

Like In this first part of a two part D-Day special, British Army Media Affairs Officer Paul “Barney” Barnes joins me to talk about the British and Canadian role in the Normandy invasion and some of the events leading up to D-Day. From Dunkirk to Africa to Burma the Brits were spread all over the

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Joshua James

Like Joshua James is a former US Army counterintelligence agent and currently pursuing his MBA in Aberdeen, Scotland.  After leaving the Army he worked as a contractor but found getting the positions he wanted difficult due to not having a college degree.  Having spent time visiting Europe he decided if was going to pursue a

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Rob Sarra

Like Rob Sarra is a police officer in Illinois and is a former Marine and fellow 2nd Battalion 1st Marines “Professional.”  Rob and I served together during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.  In this episode Rob shares his thoughts on the benefits of having veterans in first reponder units to deal with other veterans.  

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Memorial Day Special

Like Sean Protas: From Decoration Day to Memorial Day – A History of the US Memorial Day Holiday Not only is he a history buff, my old high school class mate Sean Protas is also a Civil War re-eanactor.  In this episode Sean provides us with history lesson of the American Civil War leading up

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Andre Bosier

Like Andre Bosier is a career United States Marine. Beginning his career as a Force Reconnaissance Marine, “Bo” was hand selected to be a member of the experimental Detachment-1, the Marine Corps’ proof of concept composition to US Special Operations Command, which eventually gave birth to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Now Bo is the

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Fritz Sleigher

Like Fritz is a 22 year Marine Corps Veteran. He was an infantryman, Scout Sniper, intelligence collector, special operations instructor and special operations intelligence collector. In this episode we talk about a piece Fritz wrote as a Facebook thought, and go over transitioning from military to civilian life, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, listening to your

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Josh and Marti Jo Barrett

Like Josh began his career in the Naval Special Warfare community before going on to retire as a chief warrant officer in the Marine Corps. Marti Jo works for Refit Revolution. In this episode of the Wellness for Vets Podcast Josh and Marti Jo talk with me about life with Josh’s traumatic brain injury (TBI),

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Coach Justin Moreau

Like In the first recorded episode of the Wellness for Vets podcast, high school football and track coach, and health teacher Justin Moreau talks with us about transitioning from military life to civilian life, coaching high school age kids in sports, the weight room, and nutrition, and the overall health of the general population.  Coach

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