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Home Field Advantage: A Conversation with Steve Trevelise on Sports, Radio, and Staying Connected

In this episode, I welcome Steve Trevelise from 94.1 WIP and New Jersey 101.5 for a deep dive into the unique world of sports talk radio and its ability to connect people with the essence of home, regardless of their location. Whether you’re serving overseas, stationed in distant lands, or a first responder working tirelessly through the night and holidays, this conversation is a reminder of the unifying power of sports talk radio.

Join us as Steve, a seasoned voice in sports broadcasting, shares his rich experiences and insights on how sports radio transcends physical boundaries, fostering a sense of community and belonging. This episode isn’t just about sports however; it’s a journey through laughter, music, and camaraderie, as two guys from the mid-Atlantic region discuss everything from the latest games to rock and roll, and the art of comedy.

Tune in as Trev and I aim to transport you back to the comforting chatter around the kitchen table, offering a slice of home and familiarity. It’s more than a talk show; it’s a bridge connecting you to the places and people you cherish, no matter where duty calls you. For those moments when you can’t be home, let us bring a piece of home to you.

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James Conner , USMC (Ret.)

I am a 20 year United States Marine Corps veteran. I spent 10 years as an infantryman participating in many overseas deployments to include multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently living in Ireland, where I am enrolled as a student at the University of Limerick getting my degree in Exercise Science. Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist,  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.