Coach Justin Moreau


In the first recorded episode of the Wellness for Vets podcast, high school football and track coach, and health teacher Justin Moreau talks with us about transitioning from military life to civilian life, coaching high school age kids in sports, the weight room, and nutrition, and the overall health of the general population.  Coach Moreau also offers up some tips on his view of how to live a healthy life without going to any extremes, and offers shares his thoughts with parents of young athletes and the athletes themselves.

Coach Moreau is a US Marine Corps veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt.  He is a graduate of Louisiana State University, and is an avid follower of what’s going on in the world of nutrition and diets.

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Author: James Conner , USMC (Ret.)

I am a 20 year United States Marine Corps veteran. I spent 10 years as an infantryman participating in many overseas deployments to include multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Currently living in Ireland, where I am enrolled as a student at the University of Limerick getting my degree in Exercise Science. Certified Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist,  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.